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Professio Metal Industry and Vocational Cluster

The member companies of Professio Cluster, which include small and medium ventures in Győr and around Győr, are engaged in metal industry working. Our common aims are to unite the metallurgical industry companies operating in and around Győr and to improve their competitiveness thanks to cooperation, joint representation of interests. We also wish to moderate the shortage of qualified workers experienced in metal industry.

We would like to restore the honour of cutting profession. Taking into account the needs of the market we ensure the supply of professionals in adequate quality and quantity. Our cluster cooperating with the training schools draws up the theoretical and practical teaching materials based on the technological requirements of the present day. In addition, we participate in further educational trainings for teachers. Our member firms provide the opportunity for the practical training in their modern, internationally competitive premises. Our students with a contract are given practical training. After the completion of the training students get the opportunity for further employment.
In order to achieve our objectives the cluster has close contact with educational, training and employment institutes of Győr and of the region.

The member companies represent a broad spectrum of metal industry; therefore we are able to perform almost any task, from the planning stage, through the assembly to installation. We are highly experienced in producing fully customized machines.
Our strengths in the metals machining, are heat treatment, surface treatment and special high-precision individual metal parts for the automotive, rail and plane industry.
Our machinery enables us to produce the unique requirements of small-, medium-and large-scale components, which of characteristics (dimension and material) are controlled in our measuring laboratories.

Our competencies:
  individual, small, medium and high volume parts working
  plastic injection moulding tool
  equipment and machine design
  mechanical engineering
  accredited measuring laboratory, material testing
  machine and tool modernization
  machinery heat

  metal working
  conventional turning
  NC-CNC turning
  NC-CNC milling
  3 -, 4 -, 5-axis NC grinding
  wire and chipping cutting
  coordinate drilling

Audi, BorgWarner, BOS, Bridgesstone, Danfoss, Epcos, GE, Grundfos, Haunt, Knorr-Bremse, Liebherr, LUK, Merten, Nolato, Opel, Reimer & Grau, Robert Bosch, Schwarzmüller, Siemens, SFS Intec, SKF Austria, Stalberg, Theo -Hillers, VogelNote, Volvo, Wolfrcraft, etc..

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